Ombre Tights

For past few years mini skirts have been staple for all four seasons.  Maybe that seems to be the case since I live in an area of Brooklyn where majority of the residents are under 30 years old.  I see a lot of legs, in different sizes and shapes.  It's season for tights, and I've been dyeing more tights than I'd like to admit. Ombre tights can really accent your wardrobe in an unexpected way.  There will be a plenty of black outfits, as is always in NYC.  Well placed splash of color in form of an ombre tights can complete a look.
Below tights can be gotten at

I like to over dye these tights so they have full-on colors, as if colors are painted on the legs.  
When tights are stretched over legs, colors tend to get diluted. To prevent watered down hues, I use higher denier tights so the colors do not loose the saturation when tights are worn.  I worn them since last year, and found them to be very comfortable even on my overly sensitive skin.  And quite amazingly they virtually NEVER run.  I had an experience where a nail head sticking out from side of a table caught and made a tiny hole on my tights.  I went about a day thinking the hole will grow larger.  But it never got bigger from its original size.   I've washed them a few times since, but the hole never ran.  I don't know how they weave these tights these days, but they are pretty amazing.  I tried out a few manufacturers' tights, but I decided on one manufacturer - they are located in North Carolina, and makes reliable products.  And I have been using their tights to produce my line of ombre tights.  I put in a lot of time dyeing each tights, so I want to make sure they will last.


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