Scarves & Display

When I started to silk paint, I wanted to come up a simple way to stretch the silk.  So I designed a wooden clamp, using what I had in hand.

It's far from perfect, but it worked well for the look I wanted for painted silk.  Soft edges and bleeding effects were the initial attractions.  

"Minhwa" or Korean folk painting has been on my brain lately, and the latest silk scarf ended up looking like a Minhwa landscape.  It's ready to be steamed.

Indigo dyed silk scarf, using most basic tie dye method.  Color of the indigo silk is especially beautiful when the light passes through it.

We often forget colors and light are one and the same.  A thing of certain color is a thing which is infused or saturated with certain frequency of light while reflecting the frequency eyes can pick up.  It's an idea easily understood, but is not an easy idea to demonstrate.  Dyes in transparent containers or on semi transparent silk seems to be the most straight forward method.


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