French Blue and Graffiti

Recently I received a boxful of knit from Japan.  Woven with hemp and dyed with soot ink and indigo, knitted scarf's color came out subdued french blue.  It was woven in Japan with an old 1950's sock knitting machine which originated from Brooklyn, NY.  Machines were almost retired, but recently brought back from the retirements by Bryan, who runs Fujino indigo workshop in Japan.

These knits have shredded look, full of holes of irregular sizes.   Fiber has body and it breaths, so it will make a great transition season scarf.

It was a warm and sunny day out yesterday, so I took the scarf out for a test drive.  My husband was there to take some photos with a neighborhood graffiti as a backdrop.


  1. I received this scarf from Dani and the minute I laid my eyes on it, it knew I had something very special for my birthday. It is made of linen fiber so when I touched it, it had a wonderful crisp feel to it which was different. I put it on and it was gorgeous! I fell in love with its organic irregular knitting style and its color. It is simply beautiful!


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